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Handmade, Plant-centered products unearth the ‘Common Scents of Nature’
ZatikNaturals.com will run a Eco-Green Beauty Sale this Black Friday! From November 26th through midnight on November 30th, the entire site- packed full of the healthiest, most organic, holistic and sumptuous products for skin and body – everything will be 35% off. This is an auto discount applied at checkout for these dates- no Code to remember- just consider your Natural beauty needs and how much you deserve to feel and look beautiful.

Top choices for fall 2020: Bioactive-rich extracts.  Raw, organic ingredients. 100% Vegan.  Zatik Naturals
infuses natural common scents into their handmade, plant-based products for fall 2020, including:

HARMONY MOISTURIZER ($28) Orange and wild cherry extracts replenish ‘hydrosols’ depleted from summer. These organic "flower waters" produced by distilling fruits, leaves and plants. Skin gets a comfortable transition to fall weather sans breakouts. The infusion of calming rose oil helps with inflammation. (“Seriously magic!” -Michelle S.)

DEEP MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER ($10) Hair gets ravaged by summer heat. Restore luster and an irritated, summer scalp with the infusion of healing calendula/marigold flowers! Omega-3 fatty acids from African fruit seed oils enhance softness; Green tea & grape seed extracts for growth and shine included!
(“Incredible, finally made my hair soften!”- Eleonora N.)  

BLACK SEED OIL- VEGAN SOFTGELS ($24) Fall skin is moody, and demands nature's top antioxidants. High in energy-inducing Omega 6 & healthy Omega 9 fatty acid- Zatik delivers premium quality, cold-pressed Organic Egyptian Black Cumin Seed oil, used since ancient times as a spice. Modern research ID’s Thymoquinone in Black Seed Oil as an antibacterial and anti-inflammation agent. (“Less doctor’s appointments!” -Krenare)

Small, limited batches of Zatik products are produced to assure prime freshness and potency. (Plant-influenced results per crop may vary color or scent.)  Zatik’s organic chemists balance the herbal ingredients to achieve
maximum healing and regenerative benefits of their earthy Hair, Skin, Body and Health products.  Every vegan
Zatik product, along with being soy, gluten and sugar-free, is completely free from Sulfates, EDTA, PEG, Parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and skin-clogging, acne-causing mineral oil.

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Every item is handmade in Southern California, using fresh botanicals cultivated on USDA certified organic farms. The Zatik laboratory undergoes inspections by the USDA-accredited certifying organization, Oregon Tilth, and Zatik products are rated a ‘1’- the most green & clean- on the EWG Skin DEEP Meter that accesses beauty/skin product toxicity.  Sold in Whole Foods Markets across Southern and Northern California; www.zatiknatural.com/collections/body.
Free shipping on every soy-ink printed order over $35.

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