Tap water is a healthy, tasty, fair, and eco-friendly drink that spares the environment of plastic waste.

Our aim at ZAZA is to make tap water the No.1 choice among beverages and so help reduce global pollution.

ZAZA wants to become a successful example of positive change towards sustainable consumption.

ZAZA Planet will present a whole ecosystem of good-quality hydration products and services.

Our vision is a world where fashionable, truly sustainable, and healthy products are widely affordable; a world where people are comfortably refreshed anytime and anywhere.

In our world, tap beats bottled water.


ZAZA Bottles bring style, fun and class to tap water. Even better, they take sustainability a step further than other durable bottles: they are made in Europe from a biobased, renewable material. And the best thing? ZAZA Bottles are also customizable – you’re doing good to the environment while looking and feeling great yourself.


ECO: The world’s first refillable water bottle made of a BPA-free plant-based polymer. Less oil, more renewables, no leaching!

LOOK: The only drinking bottle you can customize to fit your own style, mood or personality with a simple click-on mechanism

COMFORT: Fits your palm and quenches thirst with a volume of 650ml or 22oz. ZAZA also fit cupholders!

CLEAN: Dishwasher-friendly, thorough rinsing thanks to a large opening. We avoided rubber sealings, which means no bacteria growth in your bottle!