About ZBioFit

ZBIOFIT is an event management marketing company specializing in local and premier national events for direct sales companies.  ZBIOFIT offers online and offline promotional marketing services from social media advertising, promotion development, event management, event and trade show staffing, product demonstration and sampling, dance parties, fitness parties, organic facial parties through nationwide and special events in all U.S. and Canadian markets.  Our diverse team of professionals has managed hundreds of special events for the health, wellness, dance and fitness industry.  We provide quality staffing for dance, fitness, skincare and other specialized events. Our representatives are professionals who bring enthusiasm and experience to each special event.

Getting a lean, healthy body is not proven by the number on the scale-- it's about achieving optimal body composition.  Body composition is the ratio of lean muscle to fat in your body. Experts now agree that improving your body composition by increasing lean muscle is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to lose fat and keep it off. When your body composition is right, the fat burns off naturally, it burns faster, and it stays off. There simply is no better way to achieve lasting success than through proper body composition. Combining Zumba with a Bio Fit Wellness System will help you Cleanse Your Body, Build Lean Muscle, and Flush Fat.

ZBioFit products are scientifically engineered and clinically proven to develop ideal body composition. Combined with Zumba’s exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance programs, ZBioFit makes it possible to get and keep the lean, healthy body you want.

We have developed a ZBioFit Program which includes FREE ZBioFit classes when you sign up as a FREE ZBioFit member.  The optional
90 Day ZBioFit Challenge can help you reach your health and wellness goals through group classes and support.  Incentives and prizes are awarded for reaching specific health and wellness goals*.  The ZBioFit system is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.  

*90 Day ZBioFit Challenge participants must meet specific guidelines to qualify for incentives and prizes.