We have seen a surge in our work and dependency on the zCon offshore team and our clients are banking on us and our strength like never before. We are also motivated and happy to extend all possible support to our customers. We would like to share this experience with our network and colleagues.

We are building solutions with technologies like Azure Serverless, Dialogflow, and Twilio to help customers digitize some new processes to maintain business continuity.

Due to this crisis, we at zCon foresee an upward trend in a couple of technologies.

1.     Cloud & Serverless Architecture
The crisis had pushed many transactions to go digital. Trends show a spike in online transactions, with more transactions and interactions happening through mobile and handheld devices. To support the growth and performance of overall IT Infrastructure, many CIOs are looking at cloud computing. Cloud adoption has drastically increased as compared to the last decade. Many IT Leaders have brought forward their decision to adopt cloud and have seen benefits.

Most ISVs have seen a drastic increase in their subscriber base, considering that everyone is working from home. Due to a global customer base, ISVs need to start thinking of managing infrastructure more effectively and efficiently. This is where serverless architecture will help them have a better balance between IT support and customer experience.

Some of the high-level benefits of cloud and serverless architecture in the current crisis:
•     Seamless operations for business continuity.
•     Ability to manage the surge and increased demand.
•     Comfortable operational control while working from home.
•     Mundane administration and maintenance tasks managed by serverless architecture.
•     Ability to focus more on IT effectiveness rather than IT infrastructure management & support.

2.     Monitoring Services and Solutions
Considering the need for privacy and information security, monitoring is very critical to ensure the organization’s objective and intellectual property concerns of stakeholders.
With such monitoring tools and solutions, you can –
•     Manage the productivity of remote workers.
•     Create an engaged and collaborative environment.
•     Provide secured access and privilege with self-service portals.

3.     Cybersecurity
COVID-19 has posed a lot of challenges in cybersecurity. Due to digital adoption, work from home and use of shared infrastructure, cybersecurity attacks have increased, and they impose a threat to data security.

The focus areas are –
•     Security of mobile and handheld devices.
•     Extending security to the new and expanded environment.
•     Monitoring, detection and quick response.
•     24 by 7 support to global environments and clients.
•     Threat incidents and response.

4.     Digital Assistants and Bots
The need for social distancing has made remote work mandatory. Considering the need for 24x7 availability, increased number of working hours, and the nature of common queries, many organizations have started to deploy digital assistants or chatbots.

Some of the benefits this brings:
•     Chatbots can be used through multiple channels like SMS, live chat, social media, or email.
•     24 X 7 availability.
•     Chatbots help to collect data that can be collected and analyzed.
•     Responses by chatbots are consistent every time.
•     Cost-effectiveness.
•     Chatbots can respond to customers immediately.

5.     Process Automation and RPA
COVID-19 has forced many operations to change their processes. Processes are becoming more automated and this is expected to continue. The new process implementation is needed quickly, with more focus on the front-end teams and employees. RPA tools and automation play an important role in acceleration and digitization for many sectors like Healthcare, Logistics, Public Sector, and Government.

RPA and Automation is able to help many businesses –
1.     To manage large volumes.
2.     Reduce dependency on human workforce.
2.     Reduce the workload of employees and improve satisfaction.

6.     Health and Contact Tracing Solutions
As per WHO, COVID is going to be around for a while. Considering this and the lockdown opening strategy, employee health is a priority while designing the organization's re-opening plan. Organizations must proactively ensure contact tracing and for that they must have data of workforce location. This will help in COVID19 patient identification within company premises and build a quick contact tracing strategy to isolate the workforce. This will help to contain the possible virus spread across the company.

About zCon:
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