ZENHALING ™, is a unique fitness and self-improvement program that combines the Zen Essence, Yogic Path and Martial Spirit and focuses on Breath, Meditation and Movement. Created by Tim Kelly, who through teaching classes and personal training path. Zenhaling provides a unique opportunity to apply and develop this Personal Training System to heal and enhance the body. Tim has had multiple surgeries and continues to heal his own physical body with his formula of combining the Zen Essence, Yogic Path and Martial Spirit with breathing and meditation and movement to achieve balance and flexibility on and off the mat.  Zenhaling™ is an easy-to-follow program designed to help men & women gain self-confidence, boost their self-esteem, tone up and get fit, and instill composure, agility, balance, flexibility and grace, on and off the mat. The DVD’s teach how to make the best of yourself in every way – not only benefiting your health and physical Body but, most importantly, grounding you internally. We begin with DVD #1:The Art of Breathing.  We take 23,000 breaths and have 60,000 thoughts daily. Emotional excitement can affect the breathing rate so the opposite holds true that controlling your breathing can affect your emotional excitement. Acknowledging and mastering your own breath is where you can develop composure, balance, clear-headiness in the midst of the storm.  Everyone deserves to have this knowledge. Affect your breathing and affect every moment of your life! Great for Public Speakers, Singers, Musicians, Artists, Athletes, teachers, everyone.  All ages and experience welcome.

DVD #2 is The Art of Meditation. Meditation is generally regarded as Mind related yet is actually initiated by assuming a series of gestures with the physical body. It's training the mind to go inward to avoid fluctuating. When Michael Jordan was in his zone, that was his Meditation. A great artist painting a picture. You, in whatever activity you get lost in doing. Learn simple techniques to: increase blood flow, decrease muscle tension and headaches, lower blood pressure, increase production of serotonin (mood),  alleviate chronic diseases such as allergies and arthritis, reduce pre-menstrual syndrome, enhance the immune system, decrease metabolic rate, increase creativity, decrease anxiety, depression, irritability and moodiness, and increase vitality and rejuvenation.