We are a small company based in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado where the sky is always a bit bluer than in pictures you see.

We're more than just another economic establishment poking for capital. We exist to celebrate the arousing poetry of design, commemorate the natural rhythm of geometric shapes, and rouse the dreams of inspired imaginations. Because there are few ventures more worthwhile than stretching the inventive mind, and catalyzing the ingenius intellectual. In addition to our magnet engagement, we hope our social conscience will speak for itself.

Google, Ideo, Chipotle, Blizzard. Respectable companies share many attributes that we like to see in people; honest, creative, dependable and fun.

You can call us Zen Magnets.com. We peddle fun and clarity in the form of strong and shiny rare-earth magnet balls. We gratefully stand atop the shoulders of scientific development.

"We are perishing for want of wonder, not want of wonders"