Calgary, Canada July 7, 2019 - Calgary based Zenoshi Inc has launched Zenoshi Premium, a service that saves companies, their employees and consumers 10% to 50% at over 350,000 merchants across the USA and Canada. Additional savings for hotel rooms and car rentals can be accessed all over the world.

With hundreds of participating major brands and deals in almost every city and town, Zenoshi Premium aims to lead the way in savings and couponing. The site makes available to consumers shopping offline and online, as well as grocery coupons.

"People can save $2,000 to as much as $6,000 using the Zenoshi Premium subscription service," said Allan Marston, founder and CEO of Zenoshi.

ZenoshiPremium.com has a savings estimator/calculator on its site where it is easy to figure out how much one might save over a year of using this service. Not included in the calculator is how much one can save with hotel rooms and rental cars while on vacation or business.

"I like to tell people that when you earn a dollar, you pay taxes on it and you probably have a lot of expenses to generate that extra income," said Mr Marston. "When you save a dollar, you don't pay taxes. You get to keep all of it."

Zenoshi Premium’s travel section seems to have major savings even against formidable competitors like Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, Orbitz and many others.

"We are encouraging employers to get a one-year subscription for each of its employers and executives as part of their employee benefits”, said Mr Marston. "Teaching employees that a dollar saved is worth more than a dollar earned will help employees and businesses save money."

About Zenoshi

Zenoshi Inc is based out of Calgary, Canada and started out with a simple idea to help consumers be in better control of the rewards they collect. Loyalty Rewards serve merchants very well but consumers, not so much. With the soon to be released Zenoshi App, consumers will be able to take a picture of receipts from their purchases and get rewarded in Zenoshis. They will be able to use these Zenoshis in the Zenoshi Marketplace, Zenoshi eco system or cash it out. Zenoshi is reimagining rewards, receipts and savings programs.

About Zenoshi Premium

Zenoshi Premium, a division of Zenoshi Inc, offers savings of 10% to 50% at 350,000 merchants across the USA and Canada and great deals on hotels and rental cars all over the world. Zenoshi Premium is being offered as an employee benefit program, a fundraising program for communities, non-profits and charities and a business incentive program. Individual consumers can also sign up to save.