Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, ZeroDesktop is a global provider of Cloud Desktop solutions designed by ZeroDesktop, Inc. that change the way that consumers, schools and business users access, manage and share their digital content. Leveraging ZeroDesktop's deep roots in providing advanced private and public cloud computing solutions, ZeroPC is a revolutionary cloud content management hub that turns a browser into a PC and empowers users to unify all of their digital content from popular Internet sites, and from their own computer, into one secure repository requiring a single login.

Consumer Computing Revolution
The proliferation of Internet connected devices and non-centralized Web apps and services have paved the way for a myriad of new opportunities as well as often frustrating challenges. With an increasing volume of documents, photos, videos and other content, it can feel overwhelming to find, manage and share our content. Users are finding all of their digital content and applications scattered across multiple devices and websites -- PCs, laptops, tablets, cell phones, social media sites, etc. - with varying user interfaces, privacy and security protocols, and multiple logins to remember. The "consumer computer evolution" has facilitated the need for ZeroPC's cloud content navigator solution as a unified Cloud Desktop for securely and easily Creating, Connecting, Searching and Sharing any content online, all from one location with a single login.

The "Lifetime Cloud Desktop" Solution
Unplug your computer - your ZeroPC lifetime cloud desktop follows you wherever you go! ZeroPC is a free, powerful content navigator for the cloud that enables people to move their full desktop experience online, regain control of their digital lives by connecting cross-platform content, and make it accessible using a browser. It is easy to consolidate and manage your content so you can search, edit, move, share and backup all from one secure location with a single login. Using ZeroPC as an advanced central repository for all of their content, users have confidence that they are always connected to their valuable files, documents, photos, videos and other content wherever they go and from any device—desktops, laptops, and Android and iPad tablets. ZeroPC doesn't require users to learn any additional programs because it utilizes familiar "drag & drop" processes and user interfaces similar to a Windows-like environment.

ZeroPC includes a Universal Search engine that lets users locate their content spread across multiple storage services and social sites—and even their friends' content, regardless of where it is stored! All of the user's digital content from popular sites including Box.net, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Docs, Instagram, Picasa and SugarSync is managed under one digital roof in the user's ZeroPC account.

With a few simple clicks, users can easily select any combinations of content they want to share, and either Quick Share it or "publish" their entire ZeroPC cloud desktop to share with anyone they choose.

ZeroPC's intelligent Cloud Dashboard gives users a valuable tool to analyze their content by category including documents, photos, music and others, plus see the amount of available free space. A Cloud Storage Analyzer gives a consolidated view of storage quantities in external services. ZeroPC users can easily protect their cloud content, ranging from single folders to a comprehensive backup, by backing up directly to ZeroPC.

The ZeroPC platform is integrated with a universal email checker to access all of the user's emails from a single place, a built-in messenger that supports most popular messaging services, and access to full feature, high-quality Microsoft-compatible productivity tools similar to Word, PowerPoint and Excel with collaboration and sharing features. Users can safely lock away all of their confidential documents or keepsakes in their own ZeroPC safety box which nobody else can open!

ZeroPC offers three account plans depending on the amount of services needed. Users can select a "freemium" plan or two different subscription plans: Basic or Pro. ZeroPC gives consumers all this and much more!

ZeroDesktop, Inc. is headed by Founder and CEO Young Song, an entrepreneur whose career focus has been on bringing to market desktop computing products that deliver life-enhancing value to education, business and consumers.

Earlier, Young Song founded NComputing, a $40 million venture-backed company with patented technology that leverages PC power and cloud computing to create a shared computing resource that connects multiple users at a low cost. NComputing products are used today by millions of customers in over 100 countries. He also co-founded eMachines, Inc., the low-cost computer brand that pioneered affordable PC ownership and Internet adoption for consumers (later acquired by Gateway).