Maribumi Starchtech, a subsidiary of Maribumi Group of Companies. The brand, ZERO-PLASTIC™ standard is a sustainable, effective, affordable and an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and paper bags.

Maribumi Starchtech's breakthrough is a cutting-edge cost effective technology designed for better environmental protection. With carefully selected natural ingredients such as starch and tapioca root that are renewable resources, we strive to give consumers facts, information and inspiration to be more Earth friendly and to leave a greener legacy for our future generations.

With green technology becoming mainstream, more and more businesses today are swithing to eco-friendly alternatives, and it is giving them a huge advantage over their competitors in many ways. Reducing long-term costs, becoming increasingly efficient with less energy expenditures, and receiving government tax breaks (where applicable) are to name a few of the many advantages of greening your business. Maribumi Starchtech can support your business in becoming eco-friendly by offering plastic alternatives and products that will not harm the environment and that will also knowing that they are investing in a business that is helping the environment to be a cleaner safer place.