Zeus CrowdFunding is the fastest real estate crowdfunding lender in the United States.  We are funded proportionately by institutional and private investors. We specialize in short-term, event driven, or project driven real estate opportunities aligning borrowers and investors.

We offer our Z-CrowdTM investors attractive risk-adjusted returns in semi-liquid investments while offering guarantees for the preservation of capital.

For more than a decade, we’ve funded over $250 million in residential and commercial real estate using our offline crowdfunding platform and nearly $2 billion in traditional mortgage loans.

With access to our Z-CrowdTM investors, we offer qualified borrowers with quality real estate opportunities financing options at or below market terms in a quick and efficient manner.

Our Triple Win PromiseTM guarantees funding of every approved project so the borrower can get started immediately. It also guarantees investors secure, semi-liquid investments with above market earnings. That means all parties are aligned on the successful completion of the project.

Zeus CrowdFunding has an exceptional reputation for funding short-term non-traditional or asset-based real estate transactions. An alternative to traditional bank lending, hard money, or private money, Zeus CrowdFunding specializes in lending opportunities up to $2 million, secured by first lien and personal guarantees.

The Zeus CrowdFunding platform allows for flexibility to structure custom-tailored financing, which addresses a variety of unique transactions involving property acquisition, refinancing, discounted home buying, renovation projects, transitional properties, non-traditional borrowers, fix-and-flip projects, fix-and-hold projects, transactional financing, gap financing, and transactions requiring time-sensitive funding.