We are a restaurant development and management company. Our focus is on developing people who want to have a career in the restaurant industry. Finding out what drives them, developing that, and eventually giving them the opportunity to own their own concept that we have helped them develop. We know that the next great idea is just around the corner. We also know that restaurants fail because the new owner operator does not understand the business side of the restaurant. It is our goal to give these young passionate people a greater chance of success by giving them an education in our current operations, helping them develop their own concepts or taking lead on one of our own. When they are ready we provide support finding locations, negotiating leases, and assisting with start up. There are a lot of moving parts in the business of restaurants, a lot of balls to keep in the air. Our company helps keep all the balls in the air while the young restaurant person is refining their craft. The other side of the equation is by concentrating on developing people we have a constant pool of qualified, passionate and excited candidates whenever we are ready to expand our operations.