Over The Group's history, the company has learned to blend the best traditions of customer service with an innovative edge that encourages continuous rethinking of how best to improve products & services to maintain an edge. The emphasis on performance & customer satisfaction is the success of Zhauns Group.

Our Top Sellers

Toilet Roll Making Machines
Diapers (baby & geriatric)
Cup & Plate Printing
Ice Cream
Charcoal/Fire Logs Making Machine
Soap/Detergent/Washing Powder
A4 / ATM / Fax Paper / Cash Register Rolls making
Candle / Wax Crayons
T-shirt Printing
Roof Sheet / Tile

Other machines available:

Toilet Roll Making
Soap, washing powder and detergents
Core Making
Charcoal / Brickets using sawdust and discarded wood
Brick / Block Making
Peanut Butter, Deskinners, Roasting and Processing
Pencil Making (raw material is recycled paper or newspaper)
Envelope/Shopping Bag making
Ice Cream / Ice Cubes / Cones & Ice Lollie Making
Jumbo Tissue Rolls (using waste paper)
Fruit / Veggie And Orange Juice Squeezing
Aluminium Foil Plates & Foil Rewinding (Supply Rest., Hotels and Public)
Stationery - Paperclip/Pins/Staples
Fax paper A4 , photocopy paper, cash register roll and Exercise Book
Wiremesh, Nails, Toothpick Making
Drinking Straw making and packing
Paper, polystyrene and plactic plates, cups and dinner boxes
Bakery Equipment
Roof Sheet / Tile Making
Diapers/Nappy (Adult and Baby) Sanitary/Maternity Pads
Serviette / Facial Tissue paper converting
Tyre Converting and Recycling
Cooking Oil Press from seeds
Tourism, shuttle & travel services / Rolls Royce hire.
Commodity Importers & exporters
Property Inv. & Dev. / Management
Suppliers to Supermarkets, Dept. & Chain Stores, Chemists, home industries & general retailers & flea markets

Other Affordable & Profitable machines
    Bakery and Catering
    Bag/Luggage Wrapper
    Braile Machine
    Bricks/Blocks/Paving/Roof Tile Making
    Candy Floss
    Candle Making
    Chalk Machine
Crease & Cutting
    Fun Character Kids Furniture
    Disk Repair
    Egg Tray / Fruit Tray from recycled paper
    Envelope/Shopping Bag
    Exercise Books & Soft Cover
    Facial/Serviette Tissue
    Aluminium Foil Rewinding & Foil Plate
    Fruit Juice `O Cooldrink
    Fruit / Veggie Juice Blender's
    Honey Processing Plant
    Ice Cream / Cone
    Ice Cubes
    Cartridge Ink Refilling
    Key Cutting
    Chemical/Wax Polish/Shampoo
    Vending Machines
    Fryers Big Range
    Nail / Screw
    Orange & Fruit Juicer
    Other Machines
    Paperclip/Pin & Staples
    Puzzle Making
    Peanut Butter / Oil Press
    Pencil / Crayon (Raw Material - newspaper)
    Plastic Shopping Bag / Injection Moulding
    Plastic Bubble Wrap
    Popsicle / Lollipop
    Potato Crisp / Biscuit Making
    Powdered Oxygen
    Promotional item make-up from rubber leather, wood, etc.
    Recycling Plant for waste tyres
    Roof Sheet / Tile Machines
    Rubber Stamp
    Sachet Filling
    Scourers / Pot Scrappers / Steel Wool
    Screen Printing
    Soap Making
    Seaweed/Kelp Processing Machine
    Shoe Repair
    Solar Panel
    Straw Making and Packing
    Sugarcane Juice
    Tableware - Plate, fork, bowls.
Raw Materials - sawdust (and other organic materials)
    Jumbo Roll Tissue making (use waste papers & cardboard)
    Tomato Paste, etc processing
    Toothpick Making and Packing
    Tricycle Carts any design / use
    Tyre Strips Converting Machine
    Veggie/Fruit Slicing Machine
    Water Purification
    Wood Burning Oven
    Wire Mesh/Fencing