With over half a billion people registered on Facebook, Zibaba technology will transform Facebook fan pages into the largest shopping mall in the world.  Retail stores have the ability to create and setup a Facebook storefront in minutes, upload their inventory complete with images and market their store, utilizing all of the social functionality within Facebook, in addition to Facebook’s advertising interface which can identify and target Facebook users by region, gender, marital status and interests. Complete with a full suite of marketing tools to attract and maximize the passing traffic of Facebook users. Unlike sites such as eBay, Zibaba stores will also offer an affiliate program, where online marketers can either create their own brand and market the products of every merchant with a Zibaba storefront, or just market specific storefronts directly.  The affiliate interface is complete with full reporting system showing affiliates real time data, all within the Facebook environment.  Affiliates will also be recruited to promote the storefront to potential retailers based on a revenue share basis.

Social functionality enables shoppers to share items, comments, recommendations and coupons with their network of friends.  In addition, discounts will be available on selected items for ‘group’ buying.  This creates more social buzz and increases product sales.  These are the marketing tools that differentiate the Zibaba powered stores from other online stores.

Zibaba is a preferred Facebook development company. Specializing in the development of custom applications for large consumer brands over the past 2 years, Zibaba has already launched their storefront application for retail merchants and already have paying customers.  


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