Technology has become an integral part of how today’s small businesses function.  Many of these small businesses have their own servers, Local Area Networks, websites, and sophisticated security needs.  Constant monitoring must be done to ensure reliability of these technologies.  This generally means hiring IT professionals.  Many small businesses cannot afford to employ full-time IT staff.  That’s where ZigZap comes in.

ZigZap provides complete IT solutions for any size business.  We will constantly monitor all technology services to keep your business running.  Whether you run into a major crisis or are working to expand IT services, ZigZap has a solution for you.  Your business is too important to operate without IT support.  ZigZap provides solid, professional help from a knowledgeable, diverse staff.

With ZigZap you can rest assured knowing your business support needs are being met by IT professionals.  At ZigZap, our experts have worked for NASA, The University of Cincinnati IT Department and other respected institutions.  We won’t send someone to handle your IT issues unless we are confident they have the background and skills to handle the job.

When you need experts at computer diagnosis & repair, networking, security, website development, ui design, software development and security for small and medium-size businesses, ZigZap is the company to turn to.