Zimseller.com is an online facility for grocery shopping and delivery in Zimbabwe. The online shop was launched on 1st March 2008. In addition to basic commodities, Zimseller.com also specializes in importing durable consumer goods such as generators, solar panels, electric mortars, household electricals,  borehole water pumps and other domestic, industrial and farm equipments, from different parts of the world and bring them within reach of the average Zimbabwean shopper - all in one place!

Our Mission

To be Zimbabwe’s biggest online retailer known for delivering quality goods and services at affordable prices, always.

Service to our Customers

Our goal is to always exceed customer expectations. Satisfying our clients' needs, serving them cheerfully and a strong passion for excellency is the key to our success.

Strive for Excellence

Every day we strive to be better than the last! That means going the extra mile. Not being content with average performance. Wanting to be the best at what we do. When we see great performance in action, we recognise and celebrate it, and use it as an inspiration.

How We Work

Unlike our competitors, we are based in Zimbabwe and live in the communities we serve. We have a reputation for efficient order delivery and excellent customer service. We enable our customers to shop in the comforts of their homes, from wherever they might be in the world. We take care of the rest. We have a very big dedicated team of Customer Service and Order Fulfilment personnel in Harare who work tirelessly to deliver the finest quality groceries  and other goods to our customers at unbeatable prices. Someone is always available to assist you whenever you need help.

We also have a pilot office in London where we have collaboratively teamed up with other I.T and financial management experts in to bring our customers a wonderful online shopping experience that none of our competitors are able to match.

Zimseller.com Values

Zimseller.com  respects and values each other's differences and personal values. We all make the difference and are all equally vital to our success.