Zinrelo is a modern-day, loyalty rewards platform that maximizes repeat sales and per-customer revenue through 360-degree customer engagement. Zinrelo encourages multiple dimensions of loyalty including transactional, social, referral, engagement and behavioral loyalty. It supports Omni-channel deployments that span across desktop, mobile as well as physical stores. Zinrelo’s data driven approach is empowering brands to create powerful promotional strategies by fueling them with advanced data analytics. A robust & highly customizable rewards program offers customers a reason to return back.

Zinrelo is helping brands to create a rewards program that helps -

1. Increase repeat sales frequency
2. Boost per-customer revenue
3. Improve profitability
4. Maximize customer retention
5. Avoid discounts. Preserve margins
6. Increase your business stature
7. Improve customer service

All this and more in an easy to use platform.

Features that matter-

1. Easy to use loyalty rewards platform- Simple administration from Zinrelo admin console, makes it easy for people to operate. The API first platform guarantees future extensibility and integration. Easy pre-built integrations with all systems offers more convenience.

2. Omni-channel support- Rewards program can be deployed seamlessly across desktop, mobile and brick-and-mortar environments. A mobile SDK is available for your Android or iOS app.

3. Powerful Marketing Promotions Engine- Zinrelo facilitates the Marketing Promotions Engine, it includes a business rules feature that can help you build sophisticated reward scenarios that can maximize user engagement. Examples are: * 10X points for Category = SHOES * 5X points for Category=SWIMWEAR * Double the referral reward points if the referred purchase order value is greater than $300 * Birthday bonus: 200 points for Gold Tier, 300 points for Platinum Tier.

4. Avoid discounts. Preserve margins- Zinrelo helps you run rewards promotions to create repeat buyers and avoid one-time bargain hunters. The platform offers flexible reward options to maximize margins.

5. Powerful Platform Features- Zinrelo comes pre-configured with the right features for most businesses. Here is a partial list of features - * 360 degree engagement * Business rules engine * Fully customizable, completely flexible * Loyalty Tiers * Loyalty Dashboard * Flexible redemption options * Loyalty points expiration * Cashback programs * Custom email notifications * In-built notifications * Universal user profile * ROI based reporting * Powerful API access * Mobile SDK * Highly scalable platform and many more!

6. Data driven approach- Zinrelo’s data driven approach is empowering brands to create powerful promotional strategies by fueling them with advanced data analytics.

Customer Testimonials:

-- “Zinrelo provides a solid Loyalty product that incorporates marketing automation and allows us keep the program top of mind with our customers. It’s a comprehensive platform that does everything from tracking Loyalty to promoting customer engagement.” Larry Gray, Digital CRM Director, FSA Store

-- “Great service with extremely professional customer support. Very happy with the response time from these guys! Would recommend giving them a try.” Sam Gastro, CEO, MyGiftCardSupply

-- “We have seen a 48% increase in revenue compared to last year and this increase is directly attributable to the Zinrelo loyalty rewards program. This is phenomenal!"- Brittany Boykow, E-Commerce Manager  & Digital Marketing Analyst, Yon-Ka Paris

-- “Customizable, cost effective, robust solution with a super responsive team has helped us create a highly customizable loyalty program for our customers.” Keith Ching, Global Head of eCommerce & Digital Experience, Icebreaker