ZipZap, Inc. is the leading global cash transaction network enabling consumers to use cash to make online purchases, pay bills, and top-up eWallets, prepaid cards and mobile accounts. Through a global network of over 700,000 payment centers, consumers can complete transactions in their neighborhood conveniently and easily using local currency. As an alternative payments provider, ZipZap is redefining the payment experience for more than one billion cash-preferred consumers worldwide.

Founded in 2010, ZipZap is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations around the globe. For more information, visit www.zipzapinc.com.


CashPay enables consumers to make online purchases using cash. Easily adapted to fit the needs of just about any consumer segment, CashPay provides eCommerce merchants with a way to monetize the billions of cash-preferred consumers worldwide.

CashCade provides eCommerce merchants with an automated cascading payment option ensuring every transaction is approved. No more lost revenue from card-based transaction being declined as CashCade gives consumers the option to pay cash.

CashTab allows eCommerce merchants to establish an ongoing cash-based relationship with consumers. CashTab is a fully reusable cash account that consumers can top-up whenever they like at any one of hundreds of thousands of Payment Centers worldwide.