Zit Buys Homes LLC became an idea in the 1980’s real estate crash in Central Texas. Jack z. Rady, a 28 year veteran of Austin real estate, found that there were many sellers who could not sell their homes in a traditional real estate model, the process was slow, unpredictable and expensive.

Today the tradition continues, through up and down markets, as there continues to be a need for owners to sell their homes, in days, not weeks or months through a predictable, quick and fair process that is 180 degrees from the traditional real estate model.

What Jack found, when meeting with many homeowners is that markets may vary but situations, from loss of income, immediate relocation needs, extensive needed repairs, to homes that are worth less than the current mortgage, or, owners that have had loan bailout programs fail and are only days from foreclosure, remain the same and require a quick, win/win, no-nonsense solution.

Jack z. Rady’s team, at Zit Buys Homes LLC, continues to offer top-notch unconventional real estate solutions through a wide variety of possibilities with one goal in mind: To provide our clients an easy, fair, non-threatening way to sell their house and get cash now at a price that is a WIN/WIN for our clients and ZitBuysHomes.com.

Almost 30 years of serving the Austin Area has produced a rich history of working with those who often need our help the most, many of whom we are friends with today.

We look forward to hearing from you if the occasion arises and you would like or need to talk. Talk is Easy and Free and with us, it always comes with No Obligation. So feel free to pick up the phone and call Jack on his cell phone at 512-825-2525.

Zit Buys Homes LLC
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