People today are faced with many challenges. Day after day, there are more and more things to distract people from what is important. Children face this issue too. Today's children have to deal with an endless stimulation of screens, pixels, movies, shows, music, etc. The modern worldview says that even children need to be immersed into tablets and phones, TV's and shows. However, studies show that these things can have negative impacts on a child's development. That is why my husband and I created Zolie's Baby Co!

I have a Biology and Psychology degree from Mount St. Mary's University, and when I graduated, I worked as an Infant Stimulation Therapist in the greater Los Angeles area. Every day I worked in the homes of families with children who were behind developmentally. Sometimes it was a delay in speech development, yet other times it was a delay in gross motor or fine motor skills. Whatever the issues, I provided therapy for babies and young children who needed help. I worked side by side with occupational, physical, and speech therapists who all had a passion for helping children to have the brightest future possible. In all of my experience and training, I have learned that new experiences that create neural synapses and neural plasticity are what shape and grow a child's mind.  

The only way children truly develop all of their senses, motor skills, and thought processing is through experiences that the child must initiate and engage in. Think of a pile of blocks. Simple. Plain. Old. Even boring, possibly. But give a child a pile of blocks and suddenly you have castles, bridges, towers, and the like. You've enabled that child to Imagine. Explore. Discover. Create. Understand.

This is what Zolie's Baby Co is about. We want to enable you to help your child create endless possibilities.