Zombie Coffee Press is an online literary magazine publishing horror fiction, dark fantasy, and science fiction with a horror element.  What makes us different from other ezines is that we publish serialized short stories every Monday, giving you a daily dose of zombie coffee to start your work (although not all the stories are actually about zombies).  We also publish poetry and artwork under the same genres.

In the future we would like to expand into an e-publishing company for full length horror-manuscripts, but for right now we're trying to build up a readership and get some great new short story writer's names out there.

Zombie Coffee Press was founded by Theresa Nienaber in 2011 (so we're still a new publication).  Theresa is the author of many short stories of her own, as well as the novel, The Price of Life, published August 2011.  She wants to provide an outlet for new and lesser known horror authors to share their work.  The idea of serializing short stories instead of simply putting together a monthly publication came from the old time horror radio broadcasts, which would give a part of a horror story every week to keep listeners interested and give people something to look forward to.