You open shop each day. Cars in the local community drive past on the way to work, then back again on the way home, stopping at times when today they feel like trying on that new dress you have displayed in the window. You might be the proud owner of a toy store, coffee shop, butcher or hairdressing salon...
But ask yourself, how many do just happen to drive by, never really seeming to be paying as much attention some if any as you would like them to, to the your business or service you supply. Yes you doing all the right things. You have a Facebook page, a Twitter page and even a website, but still for that percentage of passers by still only seem to look straight ahead at the traffic circle approaching.  Reality is they most likely won’t remember what Facebook page or website to go looking for to gain some more knowledge on what your businesses is about. They more likely to remember that place in that suburb. And this is the value Zone-in achieves for shops and businesses like yours and all those around you.
Users log onto their smartphones’ tabs or desktops, enter a suburb’s name (they may live there, work there, visiting for the day or just be there on holiday). None the less the advantage is all the same. You see after entering the name of the specific suburb, the full list of businesses, of all the shops and services in the suburb appear.
With each shop or business listed are added links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter, Google +, Youtube  you name it.
Now the consumer not only knows what you are and where you are, but can also enjoy having all the information there is out there about your business, its specials and type of service provided. They can also publicly like your service and share the great experience they had with their mates on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Doesn’t this simple solution just sound so practical and amazing. Its such a benefit for both the consumer and retailer. It gets better, you even get your own SEO ranking on all major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, plus if you have a deal or event on the go your audience gets to know about it as it happens, not only through your added deals page which is fully interactive, but as it flashes across your provinces home screen and suburbs' landing page on your business listing as a 'save' icon.
This is such an exciting concept for local area markets and a great chance for any local business to share their history, specialties, not just to the local community but to anyone entering or passing by your neighborhood.