Zone Popular Inc. is an Online Auction Site Company. All you have to pay is a listing fee and the listing fee is only .20 cents per item. There is no sellers fee. Once you sell your items on the Zone you get to keep all the money of what you sell on the Zone. All you pay is a .20 cents per item listing fee on the Zone. It only cost $15 per listing to sell your vehicles on the Zone. Once you sell your vehicle you keep all the money. Also the listing fee for real estate is $15 per listing of real estate and that's it. Everything else on the Zone is a very low listing fee as well. You can bid, do auctions, do classified as well. You can post up to 20 pictures for free for each item you list on the Zone. Also you can make your own storefront on the Zone for free and you can make you tube videos of your products and post them for free on the Zone.