Zanzibar Shooting Stars Media Group

* ZS2 Creative   Corporate Communications
* ZS2 TV             TV and Film Production
* ZS2 Films        Original Programming

Zs2 is a Europe-based Media Company focusing on providing services and film and television production to many of the world's fortune 500 Companies like: Dior, McKinsey & Company, Wells Fargo, BBC, National Geographic and CBS trust us with developing communication strategies, fulfilling production needs, ad placement and original programming.

Is a visual media communications agency specialising in the creation of outstanding corporate communication strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Our strength lies in combining cutting edge creative film-making techniques with finely tuned media consulting services which enable us to deliver your message in the most efficient and creative means possible.

We specialize in:

Strategic media consulting
Conceptualising and producing cutting-edge films.
Viral marketing
Cross media campaigns
Event management

Film has become the most pervasive cross-platform media in history. It has an immediate yet long-lasting impact on your customers and reflects your brand like no other communication tool.

Zs2 TV:
Offers highly experienced, bilingual television and film production staff and services. Whether it is the filming of a documentary, television episode, feature film or a corporate interview, Zs2 TV has the expertise and professionalism to make your shoot a success.

Zs2 Television offers a complete range of television and film production services. We specialise in:
Feature Films
TV Series
Cororate Communications
Music Videos
News and Current Affairs

Is a film and television production company dedicated to producing groundbreaking independent dramatic films, documentaries, television series, music videos and news and current affairs. We strive for excellence through continually challenging industry benchmarks and producing high quality, original productions.

Zs2 Films specialises in producing:
Feature Films
TV Series
Music Videos
News and Current Affairs