A chat portal (www.ZUMBL.COM) that connects you anonymously with strangers who share common interests with you and gives you an avatar built by strangers who talked with you!

Zumbl strives to provide you with a free, simple and user friendly platform to seamlessly communicate with strangers around the world based on your and their interests. We are building an ecosystem that encourages fun-filled yet meaningful interactions with strangers. Most importantly in a healthy environment, sans the profanity.

Company Overview
We, at Zumbl believe that an individual always wants to talk with those who share a common ‘something’ with him/her. Mostly this ‘something’ is family or place of work or place of residence. So often this is the case that we forget that these are limited by our own geographical and social surroundings. We forget that we are missing out on the most natural form of this ‘something’- interests and passions!