Today's dining public eats out more than ever, and more than ever they are looking for last minute promotions, specials and offers that specifically match their needs, where and when they want them.  The typical user is now on a smart phone, multi-tasking and expects technology to provide instant answers. More than 90% of millennials say they use coupons and search for last minute offers.  

Many existing systems just list the possible offers and force the user to spend time going through options. If users are looking for a happy hour, a 2 for 1 dinner, or free corkage they may have to navigate through several sites.  There is no one place to instantly fulfill a specific need and be assured it is active and available.

And restaurants have the challenge to respond to this growing demand and create these specials and promotions and get them where these users are looking. While there are hundreds of restaurant apps, there are none dedicated solely to helping restaurants totally create, control or test their own promotions. Most systems take a venue’s general offers and publish them how and when it suits their business model.  Display control is not with the venue; for example, when the promotion period ends or is not working, there is no way to edit or stop it.  

Restolink responds to all of these problems and based on its 20 years of providing online and offline services to restaurants, it breaks through this complex and hard-to-manage patchwork, and provides an easy and simple method for restaurants to create, control and test promotions, specials, last-minute offers and other announcements, and for users to find what they want when they want it with one button.

The RestoLink system is for restaurants-only and not cluttered with navigation through other offers such as spas, car rentals, cruises, supermarkets, etc.  It is optimized for smart phone display supporting diner’s on-the-go and last-minute deals.

*One button search with instant results minimizing friction.
*All offers are free for users, no registration, no credit card or payment required.
*Venue have total control of their offers and can edit or turn on/off anytime.
*Multiple offers can be set to display at selected days and specified times
*Provides a single clearinghouse and display system for active offers.
*It is not a daily-deal product which has not worked for most venues.