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Academica Press, LLC, is proud to announce the publication of Penelope Hunting’s The Saint and His Disciple: Cardinal John Henry Newman, the Reverend George Dudley Ryder and the Catholic Revival in Nineteenth Century England.

In this monograph, contemporary English scholar Penelope Hunting explores the relationship between Cardinal Newman and George Dudley Ryder. The recovery of two sets of family papers relating to Newman, George Ryder (grandson of the Earl of Harrowby), the Wilberforces, the Sargents, and the Mannings provided the stimulus for Hunting’s original research. While the interrelationship of Newman and Ryder are at the core of this work, Hunting also assesses Ryder’s own very important historical contribution and discusses key issues of the period, including Catholic education, celibacy of the clergy, the Oxford Movement, and Tractarianism.

Penelope Hunting obtained her Ph.D from University of London and is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

The work was released with a copyright date of 2011. This long overdue study arrives at an opportune moment for the revival of interest in Newman and his circle—the beatification of Newman during Pope Benedict XVI’s official visit to England. ISBN is 978-1-936320-01-1. Price of a cloth back copy is $79.95. The monograph will be available through Books International, Inc of Dulles,VA, as well as the Eurospan Group of London.

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