We are a non-profit located in Long Beach, California. We work with at-risk and the socially and economically disadvantage in the community. We promote education by promoting creative and critical thinking to redevelop are young people writing skills. Most professors and employers are noticing are high school and college graduates are lacking in analytical and writing at a professional level. We designed three websites to help combat this lack in our young people.

We wanted to make writing fun and competitive. We know with our young people to get them to really express themselves we had to come up with a way that was entertaining and competitive. 1 for 1 Opportunity Network came up with three websites we believe help us meet this goal. Each website is competitive and entertaining to keep our young people's attention. We still expect their best writing even in our attempts to make it fun and entertaining.

Please check us out and support our websites. We encourage donations because the Author/User with the best post or response will win cash and prizes. The more donations we receive will allow us to increase the winning payouts and maintain the websites. And support our goal of our non-profit to help us reach our goal of assisting the at-risk youths and socially and economically disadvantage in the community. So please check us out and support all three of our websites and make a tax-deductible donation under the donation tab of our websites. We are located at www.debatingwithfriends.com, www.ydopeople.com and www.thestupidisthings.com.

Thank you for your support and please tell your family and friends to check us out