2 Jos Creative is owned by Pinellas Creative Marketing, LLC (PCM).  PCM is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida.  

A full service social media and online advertising agency that offers workshops and full service packages for small businesss or professionals.  PCM specializes in assisting job seekers establish their personal brand to demonstrate expertise in their industry and attract employers.    


 SM-101  Social Media Uncovered
 Discover the techniques to creating effective social media profiles and receive a social media strategy in your workbook.

 SM-102 Social Media Enhanced
 Take your Social Media marketing to the next step with content marketing and analyzing your traffic and conversions.  

 IN-101  Internet Marketing Uncovered
 Discover the tools available for online web marketing, how they all work together and learn how to write an effective PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign.  Tour of Google Analytics.

 IN-102 Internet Marketing Enhanced
 An overview into Search Engine Optimization.  Learn what it is and how to track progress in Google Analytics.  Learn how to use Google Analytics to measure conversions.  Understand the techniques for developing an effective Landing Page.

For the busy professional or small business on the brink of expanding their Marketing strategies without the high cost of a full-time marketing genius.  

Services are offered:
 - Social Media Quick Start
 - Website Setup (online marketing & Google Analytics)
 - Drip Email Marketing
 - Press Releases
 - Online Reputation Management
 - Social Media Monitoring
 - Brand Management
 - Restaurant Guest Management

PCM is privately held and owned; located at 13575 58th Street North #113, Clearwater, FL  33760  

727-230-8880  www.2joscreative.com