Imagine a weeknight and you're exhausted from work and your son or daughter is begging you to read them a bedtime story and you are desperate for something new that they're going to like and that won't drive you crazy.

That's where 320 Sycamore Studios comes in. We make it easy for parents (and other people who know children) to find great read-aloud books.

We publish 4 new books a year, suitable for reading aloud to kids up to about 8 or maybe 100 or so. Some books will be funny, some may be more serious (but most will be funny), and we'll always do our best to tell interesting or irreverent or odd stories.

The books will be available for sale (as paperbacks on Amazon) and for free as PDF downloads. For a while, we thought about publishing for Kindle and iPads, but we realized that we really wanted to honor the intimacy you get when you share a physical book with a child. (The PDF versions are available because not everybody can afford new books.)