When I started my company In 2002, my mission was to create a unique, and creative company that specializes in being non-traditional in thought, design, and actions. An organization based on the premise of 'franchising' my thoughts. To take an original idea from concept to creation, package it, and ultimately sell/promote it.
The era for the traditional thought process or the front door approach-has past, the time has come for the innovative thinker...

I B CreativeSuite,
Is a multi-faceted organization, working to be one of the most sought after creative minds in the business. My mission is to be fully engaged on personal projects, as well as work with my client(s) to assist them with accomplishing their goals.

I B Creative Suite is comprised of two divisions:

Division I-[Creative]-Focuses on personal concepts/ideas for TV, Film, Internet (Radio), and Apparel.

Division II-[Professional]-Focuses on assisting other Small Businesses/Start-ups with concepts/ideas in, but may not be limited to:

*Consulting (Marketing, Advertising & Promotional)
*Logo Creation/Design (Personal/Professional)
*Brand Creation and Management
*Event Planning (Personal/Professional)