Founded in 2006 in Newport Beach California, 5 Star Marketing & Multimedia’s corporate offices & production studio expanded into the business park of El Dorado Hills, California in 2012.

5 Star is more than just a marketing and multimedia production company. At 5 Star, we assist our clients in developing their business by becoming a marketing partner in virtually every sense of the title. We identify and create development strategies custom to our client’s industry and goals. Our clients achieve sustained sales success by growing revenue from existing customers and cost effectively identifying and winning new customers.

We bring our understanding of business, the marketplace, effective sales strategy and customers to each engagement and focus on the actions that will speed measurable revenue growth. We concentrate our efforts on demand generation, sales strategy, sales process improvement, customer loyalty and more.

How We Work
Our support combines both strategic and tactical expertise. Our clients often view us as an extension of their sales and marketing teams and draw on us for everything from high-level planning to detailed execution.

We bring an intensity and discipline to each engagement that produces sustained results. We treat each assignment as if it was our own. We challenge conventional thinking when necessary, push for change when warranted, and question the status quo when it gets in the way of faster, more efficient growth.

We can be purely strategic, or own selected sales & marketing strategies from planning through to execution. We don’t just talk about what’s needed, we dig in and make it happen. We focus not on work, but on outcomes. Our value and success is measured and tracked by your sales, customer and revenue growth.

How We Focus
Passion:  Your business becomes our business. We make your objectives our own, and are passionate about finding and executing the strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

Quality over quantity. We will find and focus on strategies that make an impact and drive growth. We will help you get more done with less – maximizing your investment for the highest possible return.

Nothing matters unless you’re selling product, growing revenue and making customers happy. Everything we do is measured not on activity, but on traceable results for your business.