7 Meditations is a discussion forum share and learn one's experiences and knowledge with people around the world with similar interests. It allows the user to discuss meditation as well as provides video for you to browse and share your meditation journey.

The website attracts users all over the world to indulge in the world of meditation and peace of soul. It is for people of all ages who practice or want to practice meditation. The user just requires to register his/her self to the website and login to use the forum. We provide Sub-forums for beginners, intermediates and advanced according to the user's knowledge level and practice, where he/she can comfortable discuss his/her matters with people of his/her knowledge level, building deep and clear understanding and a platform to argue, comprehend and absorb the discussions based on meditation.  

The website says about the forum, "..A community where anyone could join in and develop and learn meditation so everyone had access to many sources in one place, where you can ask questions and learn from other peoples experiences, from what they have learned."

An noteworthy fact about the forum is that, 7 Meditations provides a trusted community with information as well as downloads of music and ebooks, with selected youtube videos and more. So user's are just not here to discuss, in fact they can find much more free material to support their meditiation practices. We also provide a list of spiritual and meditation resource links to help the users to find more sites on the topic.

Brett Reilly, the founder and the administrator of the website says, "7Meditations provides the community the information to help you on your way to what some call an awakening or enlightenment and inner peace, but also helping those people who just want it for relaxation." He has further elaborated meditation as a way to relieve stress and relax, to discover the spiritual value of the practice through which one can transform his / her life into a peaceful delight.

So, if you are seeking peace and comfort from meditation what are you waiting for? Become a part of the entire community who possess the same in just one click, visit our website: http://7meditations.com.

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