98toGo is an inbound marketing agency, provider of highly optimized and rich website content and effective lead generation campaigns.

We started as business owners just like  a lot of people and learned how to successfully build and increase online traffic. Now 98toGo helps businesses to grow, converting website traffic into leads and customers.

After so many SEO scammers tried to win our online business, (trying some and realizing they were not qualified), we dug in and figured out how this space works.

Most marketing budgets only last when you are spending on a campaign. When you stop paying Google, Yellow Pages, print or radio ads, the pull stops.  With 98toGo, you will KEEP What You Pay For. In other words, the content we produce for your site will continue generating hits, leads and customers. It is an annuity that just won't quit.

98toGo's mission is to help small and medium businesses grow their online business, one click at a time, getting more leads and increased web revenue.