The Academy of Comprehensive EstheticsĀ® (ACEā„¢) is a community of dedicated dental professionals who strive to provide excellent patient care and who, through education, camaraderie, sharing of information and mentoring both in person and online, help each other succeed in the business of dentistry and life.
Dentists who are members of ACE are recognized for their pursuit of excellence in the field of dentistry. It is our goal to connect these professionals with the public so that the public are presented with the unique opportunity to consult with dentists who provide exceptional care. Dentists benefit from the ACE resource because they are rewarded for their commitment to dental education, expertise, and clinical insight by getting more opportunities to help patients in need.
The ACE website is developed to be a resource for patients who want detailed information regarding cosmetic dentistry procedures that may appeal to them or their family members. Patients will find in-depth information that provides common cosmetic dentistry procedures and serves multiple educational purposes. Dentistry information that is written in this format is not generated for any marketing or sales advantages, it is written purely as a resource so that potential patients may get a full understanding of the sciences and art behind esthetic dentistry. Once a patient has become educated on the processes involved in certain procedures, it can alleviate some of the anxiety associated with complex restorative dentistry procedures and help them understand the steps involved. It can also open their eyes to additional treatments that may be interested in.
An educated patient is the best patient, and ACE wants to be the premier resource for those patients seeking cosmetic dentistry treatments. We know that once a consumer understands the importance of seeking a qualified cosmetic dentist that is focused on commitment to excellence and state-of-the-art patient care, they will understand the benefit of choosing a dentist that offers a higher level of quality, service, and commitment. Additionally, dentists around the world will feel confident in referring their patients to ACE knowing that they will receive excellent care.
ACE and their members want to make dentistry better for patients and dentists. This is why the ACE network works so diligently to share dental information to dentists, lab technicians, dental hygienists, administrators, researchers and manufacturers. These communities share information on current techniques, research and ideas related to dentistry that can benefit patients and help dentists provide better care. The commitment to this type of excellence is rare, and demonstrates an exceptional network that has and will continue to benefit the United States and dental communities worldwide.