Access Capital Management, LLC (ACM) is a premier third party money management firm. ACM's primary focus is on portfolio management utilizing a proprietary technical trending system called the Access Capital Trending Systemâ„¢ (ACTS).  ACM does not believe in buy and hold investing.  Rather, we take an active portfolio approach and believe there are "times to be in the market and times to be out."  Access Capital Management's portfolio managers identify opportunities within strong performing groups/sectors throughout the world markets utilizing a proprietary ranking system.
We believe the global markets are continuously changing with the rapid evolution of technology.  When Modern Portfolio Theory was drafted in 1952, information regarding company stocks, acquisitions, earnings, and market data was not readily accessible.  Today, information is available on any smart phone around the globe 24 hours a day.  Investment strategies can now be drafted, altered and acted upon instantly.  We believe it is critical to position your portfolio within a flexible, emotionless environment.

We are confident you will find "a better way to manage money", utilizing Access Capital Management.

Please explore our website and feel free to contact us regarding any questions, concerns, or comments.  We are here for you, the Advisor, as you focus on your client relationships.