You know the story well.  Just when you're riding on smooth waters, the storms hit and you must change your transportation strategies.  Without a communication signal to warn you of potential danger, you may be caught off guard.  Having someone to help you know WHEN to change strategies could possibly save your life and the life of your passengers.

The question is:  "Who is helping YOU know WHEN to change strategies?"

There is a third party money manger, Access Capital Management, LLC (ACM) that will move your clients' assets to 100% cash in times of economic and market downturn, to ensure that the assets you have under management and your revenue stream are protected.  ACM utilizes a proprietary algorithmic system called the Access Capital Trending System™ (ACTS).  This quantum approach to money management allows ACM the ability to strategically design portfolios while maintaining style freedom within its process.

*Protect Your Clients... Protect Yourself*   (Helping Advisers Better Serve Their Clients)