A unique book entitled: A DOSE OF TIA

How a Woman and Her Rescued Dog Embraced Life Through Volunteering - and How You Can, Too.

How Does One Create an Exceptional Life?

Wife, mother, and animal lover Dina Mauro sets out to answer this question in the unlikeliest of places, her local hospital. A DOSE OF TIA explores love, life, and healing. As the human member of her registered animal-assisted interaction team, Mauro recounts her experiences at the hospital in this journal-style memoir with humor and candor, providing life lessons gleaned along the way.

A DOSE OF TIA inspires readers to tap into their authentic selves, listen to what makes them joyful, and find their exceptional lives. Through the lens of volunteerism, this registered team challenges readers to see the world with fresh eyes, challenge their perspectives, and take action.

During her journey, Mauro leaves a fellow volunteer notes from lessons learned:

Hi Jim!

Today I learned that it’s so important to reach out to others when you’re in need. I spent time with a patient today who had requested a visit. She is doing her part to fill her soul, and what better way than through a dose of Tia?
                                                                —Dina & Tia

Dina Mauro welcomes her readers, "I invite you to take a walk with Tia and I. As you stroll through the pages, I hope our hospital visits with patients and their families will whisk you away. As you step in further, maybe you will gain from my personal journey and receive new tips on how to find your unique path, as it speaks to your individuality."

Tia, a young English Pointer, was minutes away from being euthanized. Take a walk with her as she changes the lives of patients and staff at a Denver area hospital.