Bureaucracy increases. Each day another institution introduces a new type of declaration.

The Declarations and verifications are multiplying, deadlines are missed, and fines are huge.

How to escape the vicious circle of declarations and papers and concentrate on the most important thing – doing business?

After all, companies are founded with the sole purpose of making money, not to feed the bureaucracy with paper.

Who comes to help as your professional consultant in the field of taxes, accounting and finance:

Accounting and Financial Services – Accounting Office Sofia

What we have to offer:

 current accounting and tax reporting;
 consultations in the field of taxes and accountancy;
 consultations in the field of labor and social security legislation;

And most importantly:

WE WILL FREE YOU FROM THE BURDON OF BUREAUCRACY by taking over all the declaration obligations and data submission.

All you  have to do is make money, we will make sure they are legal.