Our mission at AM H2O is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to live, work and play in a healthy environment. We build the chemistry that makes other products more durable, safer, cleaner and more efficient. Major industries served include agriculture, building and construction,pressure treated lumber, engineered lumber, panels and drywall, coatings Industries, consumer, general industrial and transportation.

Our mission for AM H2O is to provide Eco safe US EPA Reg. and Patented consumer friendly and professionally effective specialty products .They have a tremendous potential and beneficial impact for the welfare of families and communities across the globe, from incubation to distribution, in a highly ethical and profitable manner.
We believe that the long-term health of our company depends on maintaining high standards of business conduct, integrity, safety, quality and respect for people and the environment in everything we do.

"Mold is very important for our environment. Mold is nature’s own recycler. We just don’t want it in our home and workplace.” E Y Knipe