Marine and RV 30-90-750 count Marine and RV Shower and Head Wipes eliminate mold and mildew and re-growth on surfaces when used on a regular basis. As the first EPA registered anti-microbial (anti-mold and anti-mildew) pre-moistened wipe on the market, AM H2O™ Marine and Shower and Head Wipes serve as a multi-functional, cost saving product designed to promote a healthy maritime and recreational vehicle environment.

• Fresh, pleasant scent
• AM H2O™ is not a disinfectant
• According to the EPA, bleach does not kill mold
• Eliminates mold and mildew and re-growth
• 4-in-1 cleaning system;
Kills-mold,mildew,prevents ​re-growth and kills mold-odor
• Wipes away grime and protects as it cleans
• Use on ALL surfaces that require cleaning
• Ease of use - one swipe at a time
• For bulkhead toilet and shower fixtures, kitchen faucets and sinks; safe for chrome, copper,   rubber, stainless steel, enamel, platinum, gold and most other metals
• Not for use on food preparation surfaces
• Use as directed
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