Webmaster's new Web Style turns websites into ATM'S

Everyone who has ever invested in a website has imagined people opening up their page and being wowed, entertained, informed and motivated to buy what you're selling.

Many of those same people come to realize too late that the reality is without a good webmaster all you have is
a boring video business card.

With a fresh new approach Anthony McDonald of amwebaz.com knows how to develop and build a website that accomplishes the holy grail of website development... “Conversion of searchers to buyers.”

Like a 5 - Star Chef a website developer must expertly chooses all the right ingredients necessary to please the taste of the consumer and the website owner. If you don't know the difference between website development and design you may want to continue reading.

Website development is an art form best left to passionate webmasters.
The confusing and tedious chores of design, S.E.M, S.E.O, back links, page ranking and on and on and on, should be left to top professionals who love what they do.

Unlike average web developers, A.M. Web AZ researches the fundamentals of each business before crafting a solid focused website that satisfies then captures the reader and converts them into satisfied happy buyers.

For more information on how to turn your website into an ATM or
If you would like a free professional analysis of your website go to http://www.amwebaz.com.
A.M. Web AZ designs and develops the following:
Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Mini Sites and Full Websites, along with hosting and domain registration.

Also for those wishing to promote their sites even further, A.M. Web AZ offers SMS Bulk texting of mini commercials to your clients or potential clients cell phones.