Aerial Media Company is a new experience in the field of publishing from the Netherlands. Publishing in the widest sense of the word and within all possible genres. Aerial has close connections in the entire field of publishing and enjoys being part of it. From the creative start all the way to the consumer, without the complicated aspects of the ‘old-school publishing industry’. We sell through every desired channel, from B2B, B2C, online, rights to digital publishing. We would like to point out that we hold the physical bookshop very dear. We believe in the human contact between customer, seller and product.

We publish crosswise in Dutch and English. For that we alliance with foreign parties or we publish and distribute ourselves. Our English language books are sold worldwide by Global Book Sales (see also International sales).

We treasure for the cooperation with international partners and we can easily adapt to their wishes and desires because of our compact company structure.

Aerial started in March 2014. The knowledge, hands-on experience and the established goodwill are large. We have access to the best editors, designers and printers and we have excellent relations with retailers in the Netherlands & Belgium.

Who is Aerial?

Hans Janssen has had 25 years of experience in the field of publishing in the broadest sense of the word. He started his career with M&P Publishing and moved on to become publisher and managing director of Kosmos-Z&K, Unieboek|Het Spectrum and TerraLannoo. Through the years he and his team have had very successful publications such as the Eyewitness Guides, Silver Spoon, Hunger Games, Twilight and Spot and with authors such as Maeve Binchy, Twan Huys, Kate Mosse, Steve McCurry, Jamie Oliver, Elma van Vliet, Tosca Menten, Jacques Vriens, Isaacson (Jobs), Nelson Mandela and Ken Follett.

Two years ago he launched the new Agathon (literary fiction). Under his skillful leadership successful films of books by Francien Oomen, Jacques Vriens, Tosca Menten and Mirjam Mous were started.

Peter van Haaften joined Unieboek|Het Spectrum 7 years ago and comes from the world of operations and logistics. During the past few years he has been director operations & human resource and he was in charge of the editorial office, production and rights & contracts.