HyperQuant is a fintech software platform dedicated for automated crypto asset management, market making and dApps creation that is based on the cutting-edge AI, risk management, blockchain technologies and fast order delivery protocol. Platform is developing by professional quant traders who know capital management industry inside-out and offers three main points:
Hyper Fast Fast
Order Delivery protocol allows light-speed data transactions between different trading platforms. It works hundreds of times faster than similar solutions, which provides a significant competitive advantage for dApps and the services based on it.
Hyper Smart
All the components of the platform are managed by HyperQuant Artificial Intelligence and Risk Management system. It constantly evolves through machine learning based on the data accumulated within the protocol.
Hyper Secure
We use Merkle tree model and proof-of-existence principle to store data of  the protocol transactions on Ethereum blockchain. This ensures system transparency and security. The system itself is highly efficient in terms of traffic and computing, so even if it has 1,000,000,000 orders on a daily basis, the proofs will take only 1kb in size and require just 30 hashing operations.