All Access Publicity will develop a comprehensive, customized program that integrates and aligns public relations and marketing with other branding efforts and overall goals. We develop and execute a strategic plan, message development and tactical campaigns that build on your positioning to generate constant, wide-ranging media coverage. What makes us different, however, is that unlike other agencies, we don’t view you as simply a paycheck, we care about each of our clients. The team at All Access Publicity will determine a winning strategy and then put massive force behind its implementation, to make sure that you receive maximum results.

All Access Publicity prides itself on being a Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising boutique, that believes in quality, not quantity.  We truly take the time to get to know each of our clients, in turn, building a relationship that will be a long lasting bond.

Media Relations
Our team will pitch various media outlets and publications through press releases, and telephone contacts, all with a view toward increasing mentions of the client in the media. All press releases will be sent to our extensive database, posted on our website, and posted to social networking websites to reach maximum exposure.

Coordinated Communications Programs
We implement strategic marketing action plans for programs that include every aspect of publicity, from the organization of press briefings to the generation of favorable print, internet, and broadcast coverage.

Whether your special night is an annual production with thousands of people or a once in a lifetime event with a hundred, All Access Publicity will work with event planners, entertainment, venues, and the media to make sure that your night shines.

Social Networking
All Access Publicity uses the latest social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to reach demographics that are more “computer based”.

Album Release Publicity
When your client has an album release, All Access Publicity will secure album reviews using our database of album reviewers, supply them with a copy of the album, and follow up with a report of reviews, so that you can gage the success of the album.

Tour Press
All Access Publicity will create written press releases, electronic cards, multi media campaigns, and set-up interviews in each city when a client is on tour to increase publicity at the local level.

Every Client is Different
No two clients will ever be the same, therefore, we will not only formulate an original publicity campaign for you, but we will work with you from the beginning to give you the results you need. Unlike most Public Relations firms, All Access Publicity does not charge a set rate for every client, therefore, our team will work with you to formulate a campaign based on your financial availability with monthly success reports.