As a Doctor of Chiropractic I am passionate about educating my patients on the importance of health and maintenance of their body. I enjoy working with medical doctors and referring out if I feel my patient would benefit from another area of medicine. I feel that every doctor has his or her own niche, mine happens to be the spine and nervous system.

After working all over the state of North Carolina by some of the best Doctors in the business I am very excited to be a part of my own business, Anderson Chiropractic Center in Holly Springs, NC. My practice philosophy is about finding the root cause of pain and treating each patient thoroughly and on an individual basis. There is no greater feeling than knowing I have made the life of a patient pain free. Often clients come in and are so used to being in pain that they don't realize that they are in pain and what "pain free" feels like. My digital X-ray machine is a great tool and allows me to show patients where the source of their pain is. People are very visual and appreciate being able to see why a certain symptoms might be progressively getting worse or causing acute pain (back, neck, shoulder, hip...you might say I have almost seen it all).

Many people put off injuries, acute pain, and even maintenance of their body when they are younger (in their 20's, 30's, etc.). These are the patients who need to seek care before their condition worsens. My grandmother-in-law is 80 years old and remembers seeing a chiropractor when she was eight for scoliosis. Recently I took X-rays of her to see how her condition was. Although she had a decreased curve in her neck and two of her vertebrae were fused together and her scoliosis was still evident, she is in pretty good condition for her age. It would have helped her more to see a chiropractor in her adult years, but with her activity level and her health we can still increase her mobility now to assist her with her back pain and tension.  I have seen patients in their 20's come in with X-rays that show more chronic problems that need to be dealt right away and corrected than my 80 year old grandmother. That says a lot. The great thing is that I can help correct conditions and relieve pain in all stages of life.

My B.S.B.A. was in Exercise Physiology and I was able to intern as a strength and conditioning coach at Xavier university afterwards. My background in exercise, fitness and health along with my Doctorate degree from Palmer (Cum Laude) enables me to be a well-rounded doctor who truly cares about each patient and by using everything I have available to me (ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, moist heat therapy, traction, cryotherapy, various adjustments and more) I am able to assist in helping my patients get back on the right track. I also have various exercise programs that I am able to send patients home with to allow them to work on fixing their condition at home.