AnewAmerica is a 501(c)(3) regional, nonprofit asset-building organization, a designated Small Business Administration Women’s Business Center, and a Community Development Entity (CDE). AnewAmerica's mission is to promote the long-term economic empowerment of new Americans - new citizens, immigrants, and refugees - and to encourage their full participation in the political, social and cultural growth of America.

AnewAmerica Community Corporation (formerly The New America Foundation) was founded in 1999 by a group of community leaders representing immigrants and community development advocates who saw a continuing lack of integrated job creation, asset development, and community empowerment strategies for low-income new Americans living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Our innovative Virtual Business Incubator (VBI) assists new Americans (immigrants, refugees, and new citizens) for three years to start their own small business, develop their assets in the short- and long-term, and become involved in their communities.  Our unique, comprehensive program integrates three vital elements that are essential to economic and social stability that will lead to the creation and building of wealth: Business Training, Asset Building and Social Responsibility. Through our Asset-Building component, participants gain the knowledge and skills to achieve long-term savings goals and secure vital assets for their families. Through Business Training, participants write a business plan and access the skills, resources, and individualized assistance they need to start up or expand their small business. Our Social Responsibility program component encourages participants to become leaders in their community and develop socially responsible and green businesses.
As a result of our program, new businesses are launched, jobs are created, assets are built, and immigrant populations find small business owners that give back to their communities.