Author of several genre's from Nonfiction and Fiction books relating to the parallel, subjects and incidents that go against the law of nature. Ann's love for all things Spiritual and the Paranormal, enthusiastically loves to share with her readers relatable subjects and stories that have had a high impact on many lives and that offer some type of explanation according to God and Biblical instruction.

God that has been her rock and a effervescent presence, love and protection in Ann's life.

Also included in Ann's literature are the actions an individual with very real similar experiences, can take to and learn and put even more practice in their faith to spiritually excel in their own journeys.  These same experiences ignored mostly hidden and cast off in the very place one would think these types of topics should intend to be sought, the church.
Ann speaks of the Spiritual realm boldly with honor and great refreshing enthsiasm reminding her audience, there is nothing to fear.  2 Timothy 3:5

Besides writing, Ann loves old buildings, anything about ghost and spirits and historic reasons behind a reoccurring haunt.

Intensly private and not adaptive to wanting fame, quiet, shy, Ann Nicholson could care less about a life of lights and fortune. Heaven bound with high hopes of getting to the top…the top of the end, in the afterlife with her other Brothers and Sisters praising the Lord.

Ann Nicholson makes her  spare time with her love of the art of words in writing.

Loving her family and cats Ann takes great pleasure and happiness in these gifts as the first being opening her eyes to see the next day.

Anns heart truly is where her home will be eternal, “Let your will Heavenly Father be on Earth as it is in Heaven.” As a society as of yet we have not reached this Nirvana, but there is always hope. Although painful there is always some hope of change, this is Anns Hope along with her Brothers and Sisters who are also believers.

Receiving her degrees in Medical Administration and Hospitality, Ann has worked for fortune 500 companies for most of her life having gained life valuable skills in both the Medical Profession as well as how to entertain.

Loving mostly everyone she meets, Ann a very outgoing sociable person, loves the delight of intrest she receives from her audience and hopes in all that God has given her that her journey takes her not to the most thriving existences in society or gaining mounds of wealth or even having the accolades and praise of humankind, but rather in the heart of her readers so in reading her experiences if they are relatable or not, whoever they are, it will bring them closer to God and the Christ so they to may know they are loved beyond compare.

Most important thing to Ann is her love of family and to make those she has had the great honor to be in their presence happy with a piece of warmth extended from her heart and love as given her by the grace of God, that she may share the uncomparable love of God with others.