A Gift of Service offers an alternative to simply sending flowers and a card. When an emergency hits or a life-changing event happens, the day-to-day things in life often slip: housecleaning, yard work, cooking. Small things in life can become worries, such as: Who will watch the children when I am at the hospital? Who will take my dog for a walk? How will I keep up with the housework?
A Gift of Service allows a giver to choose a service or combination of services for someone in need. Online, they can create a card with a customized message and add in the list of services they would like to give. The recipient can then redeem the services when they are most needed.
The Details:
Who: For someone who wants to give something beyond a card and flowers
To Benefit: Patients, families, care providers, and individuals that need/deserve some day-to-day help. A Gift of Service is designed for someone who has a loved one in the hospital, who just got laid off from a job, who is recovering from a medical procedure, who just had a baby or someone who just deserves a little help.
Participating Services for purchase: House Cleaning, Lawn Care, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Nanny Services, Babysitting, Massage Therapists, Spa Services, Salon Services, Errand Services, Catering, Handyman Services and more
The Format:
A Gift of Service will be offered through a website (or a place to call if the user prefers) that will showcase the services offered by participating businesses. The giver will be able to choose the services they would like to purchase as a gift and drop them into the card they are creating. There will be several services to choose from to create an individualized service package as well as the ability to create a customized message from the giver to the recipient.