A visionary and highly accomplished global business executive, author, and speaker with a solid background in getting the most out of employees and staff members. Implements programs to enable the achievement of goals and realize dramatic cost savings.  With strong financial acumen, implements value-added business solutions to support long-term strategic goals.

Reed, an endurance enthusiast, has completed over 100 marathons (26.2 miles). He was one of fewer than 225 people in the world to hold membership in the Seven Continents Club. These members are certified to have completed at least one marathon on every continent, including Antarctica .

As an adjunct professor, Reed taught IT, project management, accounting, and business courses. He has written five books and over 50 articles in numerous national publications. And he has spoken at international business conferences, as well as private events. His professional and athletic exploits are featured in many magazines, newspapers, and journals, as well as TV and radio programs.