The idea for Anvil started in early 2013. Over the years Anvil has formed into what it is today, and continues to grow and change in any way that it can to better reach men.

The main goal of Anvil is to help men find their strength. As a Christian we’d call that discipleship. At Anvil Our approach to discipleship is a new and unique way aimed straight at the heart of men. The real strength of a man ultimately is Christ. Getting men to not just understand that, but to live from it involves discovery, challenge, recovery, healing, restoration, support, encouragement, empowerment, etc.

Anvil is doing this through 4 different sections or Factions-

Forge– A weekly meeting focused on personal and spiritual growth.

Hammer– Is what Anvil is doing with Practical Service in the Church, and Community.

Carbon– This is how Anvil is reaching and connecting with men through events.

Armory– A growing collection of practical resources to help men – from jobs, and housing to getting into ministry.

Anvil exists to help fill in the gaps in many churches today. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a Men’s Bible Study, Accountability Group, or Pancake Breakfast. If your church has a men’s ministry you are probably are familiar with similar groups. What we at Anvil have found is that similar groups are usually not meeting the needs of men. There are a vast number of men that don’t show up to such meetings – especially younger men. Surely there is more that we can offer men – a lot more.

Most Christians believe men are the spiritual leaders of their home, and church. So let’s help them to do just that. Many men today have a difficult time fully engaging as a man in their home, church, and community. Their strength and power are often never used, or used in a positive way. This one of the many areas where Anvil can step in and help. With the recent generations of fatherless homes men are rarely shown how to be one. Much less a powerful, and effective one.

Authentic Masculinity-

“Masculinity is bestowed. A boy learns who is he and what he’s got from a man, or the company of men. He cannot learn it any other place.” – J. Eldridge

Anvil is that place. A community of men, walking beside each other in the journey of life and masculinity. Anvil is not a place to “show up, and hang out”. It is a place to discover the man you are – the man God made. Then take practical steps daily to be that man. Full of Integrity, Power, Strength, Kindness, and real Love. A man who is dangerous, and good. A man that is respected, because he has earned it. A dependable man that can be counted on, and trusted. A man who you want in your corner. Through God Anvil is helping men recover those qualities.